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What is CheckGuard?
CheckGuard is a service offered by TeraCorp to add an extra layer of protection before accepting any checks from your clients. Using a bilateral system of data sharing among all of our customers in the check cashing industry, each check you cash will be put through a rigorous series of checks and balances to ensure that there are no known cases of suspicious activity when accepting the check. It is quick and simple and happens entirely behind the scenes only alerting you of the probability that the check you are cashing is valid.
How does it work?
CheckGuard uses a very simple form of data sharing. Simply put, think of it as all of our customers working together on a giant conference call. Each one asking if they should accept a check from a particular client. After each member searches their records to see if they have any negative experiences from that client, they each respond as to whether or not you should accept that check. Of course, it would be impossible for every check casher to stay on such a conference call all day, so CheckGuard does it for you! Each client that subscribes to the service shares their data* with the CheckGuard data server and when you attempt to cash a check, our CheckGuard service simply "checks in" with the data server to see if there has been any suspicious activities associated with that account and reports back to you-via a visual graph-the calculated risk associated with accepting that check! There are currently two ways that CheckGuard works. Cached mode, and Real-time. Cached mode works by periodically obtaining the list of recent transactions (both successful and non-successful) and populating your local database with this information. This method allows you to work disconnected from the internet and still have all the access to the data as you would if you were connected. The Real-time mode works with a dedicated high-speed internet connection and verifies each check at the time it is presented. This method (though most up to date of the two methods) requires a continuous connection to the internet in order to utilize CheckGuard. If you choose the Real-time method and do not have the necessary internet connection however, you can, still continue to utilize the CheckGuard Service, but it will only work in cached mode.
Is my client's privacy protected? How about my privacy?
Absolutely! Only the most import information necessary to validate checks is stored in our database and all content is highly encrypted! This allows the service to be used without any privacy infringement to your clients. Your privacy is also protected! Location information about where the data came from is restricted only to TeraCorp and is not shared between clients. You will not know detailed information about which clients reported on a particular account nor will they know about you. In fact, none of our clients will even know the others exists from the data received from this service.
How much does it cost?
The CheckGuard service is billed as a monthly subscription for only $60.00 per month. A cost that we're sure you will determine pays for itself after only having prevented ONE bad check!

Added for your convenience, your subscription will automatically be renewed each month until you decide to cancel. There are no contracts and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

* Only the minimum data necessary to perform proper verification will be shared. Personal information such as address, identification certificate numbers and phone numbers are not retained on our servers nor shared with other members.

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